"Il Giardino delle Ninfe e La Fenice" is here waiting to capture you and take you from the real world and make you dream holiday come true.

Eternally fascinating Vesuvius mysteriously rises up from the Sorrentine peninsula and on the distant horizon, through the haze, your eyes can glimpse the island of Capri, all this creatinga peasant blen of dream and reality where it is easy to imagine sirens enchanting you with their singing from the waters below...

WEBCAM! IL Castello Aragonese dal nostro solarium. CLICK to ENLARGE!
Clic per ingrandire "Il Giardino delle Ninfe e La Fenice" is reflected in the crystal clear blue sea, dotted with clusters of rocks from wich tourists can dive into the invigorating sea, rich in mineral salts, to find new health and enjoy its regenerating properties.
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Clic per ingrandire From the terraces, on starlit nights, as if in a dream, you can admire the incredible scenary around you: the impressive Aragonese Castle wedged between rocks and then the island of Procida lying in the Gulf of Naples.

The marvellous firework display by St. Anna's Day (26th July) from the restaurant - terrace of the hotel.
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